XENO Cube E11 black

XENO Cube E11 Black

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Cube E11
Blackened Stainless-Steel 
V7 XM-L Led

Ein Design Klassiker - sehr wertig und schlicht schön 

Mit der E11 kommt :
- ein Lederholster
- ein Nylon-Lanyard
- kurze Bedienanleitung in English
- 2x Ersatz O-Ringe
- 1x Ersatzclicky für tailcap-Schalter (innen)
- 1x Ersatzglass (das man hoffentlich nie braucht)
- 1x Ersatzmetallbügel, um den tailcap aufzuschrauben

Korpus aus schwarzen satiniertem Edelstahl
Maße: 20x20x100mm
Gewicht: 193g (inkl. Batterie)
3-Mode-Betrieb: Low, UltraLow und High
(Die Lampe startet immer im Low-Modus)

Tech. Daten:
- CREE XM-L series LED-Max Output(OTF):430lms(CW);
- LED Driver:built in XENO DE2 Engine linear LED driver, 
- Not PWM mode Non-Flickering & Absolutely Noiseless even at Ultra-Low level with Ultra-Low output, more than 20 hrs burning time 
- XENO unique Quiet RSLTM technology
- XENO GFC(Gamble Free Concept) Impact-Resistant System
- Built-in battery inverted-load protection 
- Rated Input of LED Driver: DC0.8~3.7V
- Battery:Use any AA size battery-a dry cell,Alkaline,Ni-Cd,Ni-MH,14500 Li-ion,LiFePO4.
- Output(by DE2h):
- 3-Stage Variable Output: Low, Ultra Low, High.
- The Low output is always the start mode after 3 seconds power-off.
- Max Output: 430lms,Max Burning Time:20 hours.
- Finished & Color optional: Sand Blasting, Polished, Ti-Black is optional.
- Reflector: Al-Alloy, micro-OP, special for XM-L series LED.
- Window(Lens):
- High quality toughened mineral-glass lens, precision polish the edge for Impact Resistant.
- Water proof: 5 meters dunk-resistance.
- Weight-reducing: Only 6 oz(170g) as to XENO unique design of Weight-Reducing.
- XENO CUBE:the 1st quadrate flashlight on the blue Earth. machining by CNC with 303 stainless steel solid cylinder.
- XENO unique design of weight-reducing
- XENO originate: Double Thread--Fast screw and unscrew
- Specifications
Emitter: CREE High-Power LED,XM-L series. 3-CT optional:
- XM-L 1B T6,Color Temperature 5000~8300K,CoolWhite,MaxOutput430lms OR Output(OTF) & Burning time(CW version): 3-stage variable output 
- Using Ni-MH battery:
Low:150mA/45lms/4hrs,Ultra Low:20mA/20lms/20hrs,High:350mA/120lms/1hr
- Using 14500 Li-ion battery:
Low:1A/280lms/45min UltraLow:300mA/80lms/2.5hrs High:1500mA/430ms/20min
- Size: length 101mm,quadrate section 21*21mm, circular arc corner.
- Net Weight: 6 oz(170g,battery not included).

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